Increase Gas Mileage With Ethos Fuel

Ethos Fuel Reformulator (FR) reduce emissions by burning fuel more completely, which increases gas mileage.

Increase Gas Mileage

Exhaust is essentially unburned fuel, wasted fuel, so when the fuel is used more completely the engine delivers better mileage from every tank. Efficient fuel use also means improved engine performance because a more complete combustion process obtains increased power from each engine revolution.

In the last decade hundreds of millions of miles in road tests have been conducted. Test after test, Ethos FR have proven to reduce engine exhaust emissions by 30% and more, including measurable reductions in the emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and sooty exhaust or particulate matter (PM). All of these emissions are highly toxic and as a result, gas mileage increases have been significant, ranging from 7% to 19% fleet wide.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator uses an opacity meter, a detection device for diesel vehicles that measures the percentage of opacity (light obstructed from passage through an exhaust smoke plume), to demonstrate dramatic reductions in emissions. In more that 1,000 heavy-duty diesel vehicles treated (a motor vehicle having a manufacturer’s maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 6,000 pounds), emissions were lowered by as much as 90%. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommended practice SAE J1667 “Snap Acceleration Smoke Test Procedure” to be used for heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles. Attached are samples of opacity test sheets, taken from diesel-powered engines, demonstrating the positive results after using Ethos FR.

<Engine Type Year Miles Traveled For Test Opacity Prior to Ethos

Opacity after Ethos

% Reduction Opacity Historical Miles/Gallon

With Ethos

% Increase Miles/Gallon
CAT 99 2,204 50.8 29.20 43.0 4.85 6.93 43.0
CAT 98 1,868 4.00 1.50 63.0 5.73 8.77 53.0
Detroit Diesel 88 186 46.40 23.30 50.0 6.00 8.50 42.0
Detroit Diesel 84 212 12.10 1.20 91.0 6.40 10.10 58.0
CAT 97 206 20.80 7.80 63.0 3.00 5.70 90.0
GM6 9 99 305 4.70 .20 96.0 11.30 15.70 39.0


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