Ethos Gas Saver FAQs

In an age where fuel efficiency is increasingly important, many people are turning to Ethos gas saver as a solution for both their budget and the condition of the environment. Saving gas is good for consumers because the less gas they use, the more money they can put toward other expenditures. It is also important because of the ever-growing awareness regarding global warming and human carbon emissions. If you’re considering using Ethos FR as a way of increasing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, you will find the following frequently asked questions beneficial in addressing your fuel efficiency concerns.

1. What Is Ethos Fuel Reformulator?

Ethos FR is a specially formulated non-toxic and non-petroleum fluid that is added to the fuel in your gas tank to make engines burn fuel more completely. It takes only a small amount (1 ounce) of Ethos FR to have positive results, making this a very cost effective way to greatly increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Ethos fuel reformulator works with any fuel used in cars, trucks, buses, ships, trains and generators. Commercial fleets on average increase fuel mileage between 7% and 19% and reduce emissions by more than 30%.

2. Is Ethos FR A Fuel Additive?

Not technically, no. By federal law, a fuel additive is defined as (among other things) a petroleum based substance that is added to the gas tank. However, Ethos FR is not petroleum based. It is made of synthetic esters that are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

3. What Does Ethos FR Do?

Ethos FR helps engines work more efficiently and, ultimately, have a longer life. The cleaning and lubricating esters in Ethos FR cleans and lubricates the internal parts of the engine as the fuel is processed. This process helps vehicles to increase fuel economy and reduces emissions.

4. How Does Ethos Save Gas?

The esters in Ethos gas cleans and lubricates all of the internal components of the vehicle including the fuel lines, filters, carburetors, spark plugs and injectors. The decrease in friction created by the esters in Ethos gas allows your vehicles to improve gas mileage because less friction and more lubrication means less energy is wasted while the fuel goes through the engine. With a cleaner, more lubricated engine, your vehicle runs smoother, need less fuel to drive further and require less maintenance.

5. How Does Ethos Gas Reformulator Reduce Emissions?

Ethos FR removes carbon deposits that cause fuel to combust incompletely and lets your engine use more of the fuel, which means that there is naturally less by-product after the combustion process is completed. Fuel emissions are the waste from combustion, so if there is less waste, there are lower emissions. This is better for air pollution, and also means that commercial fleets will lose less money to fines and other fees associated with high emissions.

6. Who Uses Ethos Gas Saver?

Ethos FR is available to any driver who cares about fuel efficiency and better air quality. It is used by everyone from individual drivers to commercial trucking companies with large fleets of hundreds of trucks. Commercial fleets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe use Ethos Fuel Reformulator.

7. Is Ethos Proven To Improve Gas Mileage And Reduce Emissions?

In short: yes. EPA registered and numerous road tests have been done to test the efficacy of Ethos gas saver. The effectiveness of Ethos Fuel Reformulator has also been reported by numerous reputable trucking fleets. These customers credit Ethos gas saver with a significant increase in fuel efficiency and a tremendous decrease in emissions.

"Our Results Were Nothing Less Than Spectacular."

The Detroit Series 60 truck had a 9% increase in its miles per gallon and the Caterpillar truck had a 22% improvement. The drivers reported a significant reduction in smoke from the exhaust, more power from the truck, reduced noise, and significantly better fuel economy... We believe that the use of Ethos FR will not only benefit PMTG, but also will help the world environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuel, and reducing emissions for better air quality.

Joe Jacobson, CFO, Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC

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