Is Ethos Fuel Safe?

One of the questions many people will be asking is whether Ethos Fuel Reformulator FR is a safe product to use in their vehicles. Based on the performance of the Ethos gas supplement, this product is not only effective, but safe to add to the fuel used in cars, trucks, buses, RV's, ships, trains and generators. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous

Unlike other forms of fuel-enhancing products, Ethos Fuel Reformulator FR is not petroleum-based. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous fuel reformulator that uses a special combination of ethers to help increase the engine’s ability to break down the fuel.

Helps Engines Run Better

The synthetic ethers from which Ethos FR is made are combined specifically to increase the fuel efficiency of the engines in which it is used. These particles reformulate the fuel (hence “Ethos Fuel Reformulator”), which has multiple benefits on that vehicle’s performance. These benefits include better fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and a longer engine life.

How Ethos FR Improves Fuel Efficiency

Ethos Fuel Reformulator contains esters that naturally and safely lubricate the internal parts of the engine as the fuel passes through the engine. This lubrication means that there is less friction created during the combustion process, which means less energy is wasted on friction. This, in turn, causes each gallon (in fact, each ounce) of fuel to go further, because more of it is used on powering the car and less is wasted, allowing the engine to get better use out of the fuel you pump into your vehicle.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator Reduces Emissions Safely

Ethos Fuel Reformulator FR has been shown to significantly reduce the emissions of individual cars as well as entire fleets in which it has been utilized. This is possible because Ethos’ non-toxic, non-hazardous composition increases the efficiency of the engine. When more of the fuel is used to power the car, there is less by-product. This means less carbon in the air, which is better and safer for both humans and the environment.

Ethos Effectiveness Is Test Proven

The benefits of Ethos gas are not just theoretical. In fact, the fuel saving and emissions reducing benefits of Ethos FR are proven to be both safe and effective in documented testing.

Time and again, commercial trucking fleets needing better emissions to meet state laws have turned to Ethos FR Fuel Reformulator. Having done so, they have experienced documented exhaust opacity reduction ranging from 15% reduction to 83% reduction. The benefits of this safe non-toxic product are numerous and proven through testing and testimonial, making it an excellent product for individual consumers and commercial fleets alike.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator also works efficiently for all gasoline and diesel engines, cars, trucks or motor-cycles.

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