Does Ethos Fuel Additive Work?

If you are hoping to find a way to save fuel and reduce your emissions, then Ethos fuel additive may be the solution to your problems.

Neverthless, as with any product, particularly one you put into your fuel tank, it is important to first ask questions before you use any fuel saving additive. Part of being a good consumer is knowing what questions to ask before you use a product, and Ethos fuel additive is a product that consistently stands up to such tests.

Here are some important things to remember about this product when you are asking the question “Does Ethos fuel additive work?”:

  • Ethos FR is not technically an additive. This is important, because additives are petroleum-based, but Ethos is not. This product is natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic. It is a blend of synthetic esters combined specifically to help engines process fuel more efficiently.
  • Ethos FR save gas, reduce harmful emissions and help your engine run cleaner and longer. The life of an engine is improved when Ethos fuel is mixed in with gasoline. The esters in Ethos help lubricate the internal parts of the engine and reduce friction. This lubrication allows the engine to perform better and longer, which saves you money on a variety of fronts.
  • Ethos fuel additive is tried and true. A number of articles have been published denoting the fuel saving properties of this product in businesses both in the United States, as well as in countries around the world. San Diego Magazine has published several articles chronicling China’s plans to use Ethos FR, save gas, and reduce air pollution in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. “The cleaner air will be due in large part to a fuel additive produced by Ethos Environmental Inc.” said San Diego Magazine of the Beijing Olympics and how Ethos FR will help clear the air for the athletes who will be competing there.

But if you are really interested in asking “Does Ethos fuel additive work?”, it’s best to turn to the individuals and business owners who have been using the product in their own vehicles. A number of commercial fleets have begun to use Ethos fuel additive in their trucks and have been exceptionally pleased with the results. Here are what some customers say about Ethos FR.

"A Product That Is Truly Ethical"

“I had figured I would roughly get about a 10-15% increase, but was surprised to see that I was able to increase my fuel economy by 25%...I have been using Ethos Fuel Reformulator for over a year now and have been satisfied ever since. My semi truck is now operating smoother and that has made my job a whole lot easier! Thank you for providing a product that is truly ethical.”

David Murdoch
Authorized Dealer of Snap-On Tools whose job requires him to drive all around San Diego to visit customers.

"Nothing Less Than Spectacular!"

Our results were nothing less than spectacular! The Detroit Series 60 truck had a 9% increase in its miles per gallon and the Caterpillar truck had a 22% improvement. The drivers reported a significant reduction in smoke from the exhaust, more power from the truck, reduced noise, and significantly better fuel economy.

Joe Jacobson, CFO, Precision Motor Transport Group, LLC

"Joy Using Ethos FR To Save Gas"


More Testimonials...

If you are interested in improving your gas mileage, the fact and testimonials about Ethos FR stand for themselves. The Ethos Gas Reformulator claim to fame is that the product truely stands for ethics, reliablility and independance from dependancy on foreign oil. Ethos FR has been consistently rated the best green fuel reformulator in the market.

Consider using the Ethos fuel additive to put yourself on the road to better fuel efficiency and a healthier engine.


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