How To Calculate Gas Mileage

Discover how to calculate your vehicle's gas mileage and fuel consumption in 5 easy steps.

If you would like to learn how to calculate gas mileage, take heart. With just a few simple steps, you can soon be calculating gas mileage on a regular basis. This can be a great benefit to you as a driver and also as a consumer, because the more you know about how well your car burns gasoline, the more you will be able to do to take steps to save gas, improve fuel economy and increase your mileage.

Improve your gas mileage and fuel efficiency with a few simple tips.

Here is the process of how to calculate fuel mileage, laid out in 5 easy steps for you to follow. Soon you will be calculating gas mileage on a regular basis. Many people are excited to learn how changes they make to their vehicle can increase their mileage. The best way to keep track of that is to calculate the mileage yourself.

  1. Before you can calculate your mileage, you need to fill up your vehicle's gas tank completely and write down the number on your odometer.

  2. Fill your tank completely with the same grade of gasoline you use on a regular basis. It is important to stick with the same grade when you calculate. The more factors that remain consistent, the more accurate your calculation will be.)

  3. Drive until it's time to fill up again and record the new odometer reading.

  4. Calculate the distance driven by subtracting the previous odometer reading from the new one to see how far you have come. (Of course, you can use the trip odometer rather than the total odometer, but if you suspect you may forget to reset it, just stick with the total odometer.)

  5. Take the number of miles you have driven since and divide it by the number of gallons of gasoline you just added to the tank (thus determining the number of gallons you have used to drive that number of miles). The number you get is your average miles per gallon or MPG.

For example, if you drive 200 miles on 10 gallons of gasoline, 200 divided by 10 is 20. You are getting twenty miles (on average) per gallon of gasoline. Now you know how to calculate gas mileage!

Step 1
1st Gas Mileage: 36,300
2nd Gas Mileage: 36,500
Gallons Needed: 10

Step 2
36,500 - 36,300 = 200

Step 3
200 / 10 = 20 MPG

When you known how to calculate gas mileage, there is a good chance you will become a better and more fuel-conscious driver!


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